Welcome New Visistor! This is Meditacion Musica Ambiente website. We create music that you can listen to during meditation, while practicing Yoga, or just when you want to relax and spend a day at a wellness center.
As a group of artists with Spanish roots we’ve decided to record our albums by means of Spanish names, because we’re very attached to our cultural background. If you want to get to know us better, check out our website and follow our blog.

Meditacion Musica Ambiente



This website is devoted to Meditacion Musica Ambiente a group of artists with Spanish roots, who create among the others music for relaxation and other calming tracks. Within this one you’ll find great variety of soothing pieces that can be used as a background music for your morning routines: exercises such as Yoga, Pilates and etc. Explore the page if you wish to know more about their music and follow their blog.


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